How to Hire the RIGHT Marketing Partner

So how can you separate the charlatans, scammers and incompetents from the professionals? With a little basic homework, and armed with the right questions, you stand a pretty good chance of partnering with the right firm.

How-to-Hire-an-Agency.pngWritten by a Marketing Agency about Marketing Agencies, this free resource gives you the inside scoop on what to look for and the questions to ask to BEFORE you invest your marketing dollars.

This eBook Covers:

  • How to separate the Professionals from the Pretenders
  • How to tell if they are qualified in the first place
  • How to spot a bogus Guarantee
  • Featuring a handy Checklist of Questions to Ask!

How to Use this Book

We tried to make this book a “comfortable read” segmented in “snackable” chunks. You can read straight through, or skip to the segment you need. Whether you are looking for website development, Search Engine marketing or Social Media services, there are tell-tail signs that can predict a successful relationship.

We also included a handy checklist at the end of the book that you can use when screening a marketing agency. Also included at the end, is an optional free WebScan™ analysis on your current site so that you know more about your web presence than the agency does.

Digital Marketing Smell Test 

If it doesn’t smell right, trust your instincts.